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New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey Protein

  • New Zealand Grass-Fed Whey Protein - Free From Banned Antibiotics and Growth Hormones like rBHT or rBST
    It is no hidden secret that New Zealand produces one of the world’s finest premium grade grass-fed dairy products including Whey Protein which are free from banned antibiotics and growth hormones.
     In New Zealand, strict regulations specifically do not allow the use of Bovine Growth Hormones or Estrogenic substances in dairy cows for milk stimulation and animals are not routinely given Antibiotics (regardless of whether they are sick) like in some countries. This is made possible in a country like New Zealand, where the herds enjoy a low incidence of disease in relation to the rest of the world as dairy cattle in New Zealand are free to roam and graze in highly productive pasture year-round (and it’s a cheaper and much healthier feed option too). This kills the need for grain feed containing antibiotics or growth hormones! With a stringent Code of Conduct for all dairy farmers in New Zealand, Grass-fed cows are able to produce Grass-fed milk or whey with quality superior to that of grain-fed cows

What we don't do for WHEY PROTEIN like what the other brands are doing:

  • No cheap fillers & No Amino or Protein Spiking
     Unlike the unscrupulous practice by some of the supplement companies involving the big brands in this shady world of supplements, we absolutely do not add cheap or inferior filler ingredients like Glycine, Taurine, Arginine etc. to synthetically bulk up the protein content of the Whey Protein. What you are getting from us is only 100% real genuine grade Whey Protein Powder.
  • Ingredient Transparency (No proprietary blends)
     Ingredient transparency is our principle of responsibility. There is no reason why the full ingredients list cannot be known. We do not confuse or hide from our customers with ingredient proprietary blends labeled as “All custom formulas are proprietary and remain property of…”. You should avoid proprietary blend and be informed of what you paid for as products with secretive ‘proprietary blends’ label invite loopholes to allow manufacturers to hide their ingredients with banned substances that we do not want to have in our supplements.
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