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    • One Shot Whey Protein Shot 80 in Matcha Latte

    Whey Protein Shot 80

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    WHEY PROTEIN SHOT 80 delivers 24g of the cleanest Grass-fed Whey Protein sourced from New Zealand with naturally rich supply of BCAAs to support active elites in building quality muscle mass. The rapid-acting amino acids in every serving of WHEY PROTEIN SHOT 80 consumed during ‘window of muscle building opportunity’ are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream to combat ‘catabolic effect’ from post workout.

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    Product Description


    What separates WHEY PROTEIN SHOT 80 from the market is that it’s using the purest grade of Ultra-filtered Whey Protein Concentrate with 80% protein concentration (while some whey protein concentrate in other brands can be only 34% concentration). The whey protein in WHEY PROTEIN SHOT 80 undergoes a low temperature ultra-filtration process, allowing immune-enhancing whey protein fractions to remain intact and undenatured.


    WHEY PROTEIN SHOT 80 is formulated with Grass-fed Whey Protein sourced from New Zealand and it’s one of the cleanest and purest whey protein powder in the industry. It contains zero unnecessary fillers, zero banned substances, zero proprietary blends, zero ‘protein / amino / nitrogen spiking’ and free from hormones / rBST / antibiotics to ensure our quality commitments are assured.


    Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is the only way forward in our industry. It is the only manufacturing practice in this industry that we place our trust in. And using an independent third party lab test, we publish the test results of every batch of our protein. We pledge to be transparent to you. Because you deserve it.

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